8guawong 23 Jul 2018
ok thx i was trying to reproduce the problem today but can't anymore
i'll report back if i can reproduce it again
Am I missing something? I can't get the plugin to work. Am I supposed to add some code to some templates or something? I need it to work in combination with the Amnesia plugin. Thanks!
Shade 5 Jan Edited
Hi, what exactly is not working? Do you have the option "Show friendly redirection pages?" turned on in your User Control Panel? Alternatively, you can enable ISM's option to force messages also to those who do not have that option turned on. It's in the ACP.

Amnesia, as every third party plugin which uses stock MyBB's redirect() function, is compatible.
It's supposed to work if I as an admin close or open a thread, right? I have the ISM setting to force messages, and no message shows at all.
Shade 5 Jan
Can you please post your board URL? I will have a look.
Shade 5 Jan
Please see post number 12 of this thread. The solution for your issue is there. I still have to update the plugin.
Thanks! I saw post number 10, but missed number 12. :)
Gangst3r 1 Sep
Any chances to add something like this animated message to forum using jGrowl?
Shade 1 Sep
Of course you can, but this is not related to ISM snd I have no time to explain you how to edit jGrowl’s animation. Try to ask in the community forums.