Shade 12 May 2018
Hi, you can download bug reports from Flyover > Bug Reports. Ensure you have correctly created Google’s and Facebook’s applications on their development sites.

I am not at home at the moment, but I will guide you as soon as I am home (likely tomorrow). You can find me on Discord: Shade#7731. Please add me so I can help you in real time. Thank you.
Shade 13 May 2018
Regarding Google's login, the app is not verified as the errors says, so your board will also generate an issue because it can't work without a fully configured and functioning application. Ensure your application is verified and/or configured before attempting to log in with Flyover.
Benzitczo Oficial 12 Sep 2018
update discord? :v
Shade 12 Sep 2018
Sorry, what?
Shade 4 Oct 2018
Flyover is undergoing an heavy rewriting and an OOP version will be deployed soon. I am really excited to get it ready as soon as possible as maintaining the plugin will be a lot easier. It will also sport HybridAuth 3 which is far more stable and with a better error handling system. Stay tuned!
SanalAlem Media 29 Dec 2018
can someone help me here?
Shade 29 Dec 2018
Hello, you need to activate providers before using them. Head onto Flyover's panel (Settings > Flyover, on the left panel) and activate providers by filling the required application tokens.
Shade 24 Jan Edited

PUBLIC ADDRESS LOUDSPEAKER Flyover 2.0 pre-release

Flyover 2.0 pre-release is out. This version features a code rewrite from the ground up, and therefore has to be tested from a larger user base rather than just MyBBoost before being released officially.

Official release:

Please report your experience with Flyover 2.0 pre-release as soon as possible in order to let me fix eventual bugs and release the final 2.0 version. Thank you!
SrMorte 30 Jan
Well now for me the organization of the plugin it's really better than before ! :)
For now working everything like a charme !
Can see here:

Thanks for the work
Shade 30 Jan
Thank you for testing version 2.0 pre-release :)