Doubel Ohzero 10 Feb 2018
Hi Shade,

Thanks so much for making this plugin. One dumb question for you: Do you know where the documentation on how to set this up is located at? I looked in the zip file after I chose the providers I wanted to integrate this plugin with, but I couldn't find anything.

Or maybe I've been working on this too late into the night and my brain is trying to tell me something. :(

Thank you for any help you can provide! :)
Shade 10 Feb 2018
Hi, the documentation is provided in Flyover's module which appears after you have installed it on your board. The module will appear in "Configuration" below the latest item in the left menu :)
iso 17 Mar 2018
Hi shade
i've two problems

1) i can't install this amazing plugin
SQL Error:
1101 - BLOB/TEXT column 'usernames' can't have a default value
CREATE TABLE tcbb_flyover_settings_data ( uid INT(10) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, usernames TEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT '' ) ENGINE=MyISAM CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_general_ci;

2)The downloadable file is Flyover 1.2 instead of 1.3 xD
Shade 17 Mar 2018
Thanks for reporting this, I will look into your issues ASAP once I get home.
Shade 17 Mar 2018
I have restored Flyover 1.3. Try to install that, it should also come with the fix for your issue which IIRC it has been reported in the past.
GXD3S 7 Apr 2018
Just a quick update. Steam's changed their OpenID links from http to https, causing Steam logins to break since there's no backup redirect for it or anything.

A quick fix for me was just changing "http" to "https" of the links on line 17 & 23 in Steam.php located here -> /inc/plugins/Flyover/hybridauth/Hybrid/Providers
Shade 7 Apr 2018
Thank you for your feedback. I have updated the provider accordingly for everyone.
Jack Batch 30 Apr 2018
#68 can you help
Shade 30 Apr 2018 Edited
Thank you for reporting this, I will fix it ASAP. Note that the plugin’s functionality is not affected. If you want to get rid of it temporarily you can disable warning reporting or downgrade to PHP 7.1.
Jack Batch 30 Apr 2018
it wont allow any login what so ever