GXD3S 12 Feb Edited
Attempted to try the 2.0 pre-release but I just get the error below when trying to login via Discord/Steam.
Unsure what's causing the issue, running an almost-fresh copy of MyBB 1.8.19.

-- EDIT --
Disabling the Discord option seems to have fixed the issue. Steam works like a charm at least.
Shade 12 Feb
Thank you for the report, I will check it out as soon as possible.
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Gangst3r 24 Feb
Did you planning to add some gaming services account logins like xbox.com / playstation.com / steam.com?
Shade 24 Feb
Hello, Steam is already supported, while I’m not sure PlayStation and XBox have OAuth protocols embedded in their platforms. If they have, you can open a request to create them.
Shade 27 Feb
GXD3S I could not reproduce your issue. Can you please share more details on your config? Thank you! :)
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GXD3S 5 Mar
Strangely enough I wasn't able to reproduce it either. I suppose it was just a one-off bug, or some oddity was conflicting with it.
Reinstalled it on a new board and works like a charm.
Jack Batch 12 Mar
Is anyone else getting any errors with flyover I am trying to add a custom group and everytime I assign it to my steam account i get the error 500 page but as soon as i remove it i can re access the forums?
Shade 12 Mar
Are you using 2.0 pre-release? Please visit your error.log file, 5** errors are stored there. Make sure you have enabled error logging from MyBB general settings.
Shade 12 Mar
Jack had an installation issue which we managed to solve quickly. Flyover 1.5 works fine, and so does 2.0 pre-release which will be officially released very soon.
Shade 2 Apr


Flyover 2.0 is out. This version features a code rewrite from the ground up and has been tested thoroughly for more than 1 month before being officially released.

FIRE Library update

HybridAuth has been updated to version 3.0 RC9, the latest available, with performance and error management improvements. This is a giant leap as it marks complete independence from every providers' own SDK. Some providers have been added and some have been discontinued. Continue reading to know more.


Every provider can now be tweaked individually with custom scopes. You can add or remove scopes intelligently depending on what your application needs to retrieve.


The ACP panel overview has been revamped with new and more intuitive graphics. It now sports an users usage statistic and a faster access to tokens as well.

PENCIL New redirect URI

The infamous redirect URI has changed towards a simpler, standardized structure. You will need to change the redirect URI of every provider's application you are currently using right after updating Flyover in the control panel.

WARNING SIGN Refer to Flyover documentation in order to build and use the new redirect URI.

Other notable changes

The following list of new features have been added:
- new providers: GitLab, Mailru, Odnoklassniki, Spotify, WeChat, Yandex;
- new data point for synchronization: language;
- Suggestion: Disabling mybb login/registration in 1.6.

Critical changes

The following list of critical changes have been applied:
- WARNING SIGN minimum requirement is now PHP 7.1;
- WARNING SIGN dropped support for accounts without an email: from 2.0, users are required to specify an email. The emailless and passwordless option has been renamed Passwordless mode;
- WARNING SIGN some providers have been discontinued: AOL, BeatsMusic, Deezer, Dropbox, LastFM, PayPal, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Vimeo, 500px;
- WARNING SIGN Microsoft has been renamed WindowsLive;
- WARNING SIGN popup mode has been discontinued due to chronic instability.

It is highly recommended to try version 2.0 on a test board before deploying it live, which is encouraged anyway. Export your tokens and perform a database dump before upgrading Flyover.

Upgrading to version 2.0

The upgrade process is straightforward:
KEYCAP 1 delete /inc/plugins/Flyover
KEYCAP 2 upload the new version maintaining the same folder structure as in the release package
KEYCAP 3 run the upgrade script when asked in the ACP
KEYCAP 4 rebuild Flyover's cache from Configuration > Flyover > Rebuild cache.

Templates and stylesheets have been changed accordingly to reflect code changes. Being a major release, lots of edits have to be made. For your convenience, a diff comparison is attached to this post in standardized git format.
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