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Flyover 1.3
Flyover is a plugin which lets your users register and login with over 20 different social networks and providers. It authenticates users loading just the necessary files, avoiding unuseful stuff and being as much neat as possible: it acts as a mediator between your board and external sites offering login capabilities.

MyBBoost runs on Flyover, despite the interface is different, so you can register and try it on this site.

Flyover relies on an open source project, HybridAuth, to communicate with external sites. The library is updated as soon as a new version is available. It is a common misconception thinking that you can use HybridAuth for free instead of paying a bunch of bucks for Flyover. In fact, you pretty much pay for the MyBB adaptation of the library: HybridAuth cannot be used on MyBB boards as long as you do not develop an appropriate interface to bring its features directly into MyBB's core. That is what Flyover does for you.

Compatible providers

Flyover is currently capable of full integration with AOL, BeatsMusic, BitBucket, Deezer, Discord, Disqus, Dribbble, Dropbox, Facebook, Foursquare, GitHub, Google, Instagram, LastFM, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, StackExchange, Steam, Tumblr, TwitchTV, Twitter, Vimeo, Vkontakte, WordPress, Yahoo and 500px.


Flyover is compatible with MyBB 1.6 and 1.8. It requires:
  • cURL;
  • PHP 5.4+;
  • MyBB 1.6 or 1.8, all minor versions included;
  • for some providers (Facebook, AOL and Twitter in particular) port 443 must be opened on your server's behalf, otherwise you won't be able to communicate with those sites and you will not be able to set up an integration with them;
  • last but not least, Dropbox can be configured only in sites with an active https prefix due to their API policy.

In-deep features

Register without email and password

From version 1.2 and on, Flyover is capable of registering users without the need to specify an email or a password. You can enable this feature from your AdminCP. This feature goes well when coupled with the One-click registration option, letting users registering and logging in with a true click of a button; they can basically have access to your content instantly (and you are quite sure they are not bots/spammers, as they do have to go under a real authentication process). When an user wants to unlink his account from the last provider associated, he will be asked to specify an email and a password prior to killing the linkage. This way, you will never encounter "ghost" accounts without an actual login flow attached to them.

Hashed IDs

In order to ensure the highest level of privacy and security, users identifiers coming from every providers are hashed starting from version 1.2. You don't need to worry in case someone steals a database dump, your users are always safe and no one can know the user's social identity.

PM on registration

You have the ability to specify and fully customize a PM which will be delivered to the user upon his registration. Several customization options are available.

High customization

Several customizations are available to enhance and personalize your experience with Flyover. Synchronization options with up to 8 data points collected during every login, post-registration usergroup and full templates and stylesheets support are included. And you can always specify provider-specific settings that will override the general configuration.

Other customizations will be introduced throughout free and flawless updates.

Updates always safe and with backwards compatibility

An updater is provided within the package which ensures that every update, whether you are jumping from the oldest version of the plugin to the latest, is always safe for your users and your database. You won't lose any data and new features will be available with one single click of a button, needed to run the upgrade script. Also, updates to existing features will always have backwards compatibility so you will not need to worry about missed templates updates or other styling customizations you've made to Flyover.


Flyover is available for Gold subscribers here on this site. Subscription can be made through your control panel by accessing this page: pricing is cheaper than ever, starting from just 15€. If it sounds too high, remember that Flyover has been developed for hundreds of hours and it's still getting edited and properly tested manually by one single developer (it's me, Shade!). I could have set the price up to 100 euros given also it's an unique and high-quality plugin, but I decided to let it be available for the majority of people out there. Subscription policy applies.

You can download a customized version of Flyover selecting what providers you want to use from the box below. Your customized copy will be available immediately as a ZIP file. Once you have downloaded and unzipped the file, upload the files to your MyBB root folder keeping the file/folder structure as is (files in a certain folder must be placed inside that particular folder as well), then Install & Activate from the Plugins panel and start configuring the plugin from the dedicated module under Configuration > Flyover.


For informations about the plugin's configuration, read the documentation provided within the package. The documentation is available under Configuration > Flyover > Documentation.

Got a question/issue?

If you encounter issues configuring providers or setting up Flyover, feel free to open a suppor thread here on MyBBoost. Since I study a pretty hard university, I don't have much spare time to dedicate to support questions, but I will always provide the support you need as soon as possible. I usually reply within a day.

What's next?

Follow Flyover 1.4 development for updates and bug fixes.

Waiting for your feedbacks

Your feedbacks are important. Whether you encounter a little bug in the styling or a you are in a big trouble getting something to work, don't ever hesitate to get in touch and write down a new thread here on MyBBoost. I will reply as soon as possible, providing full and guided assistance in order to get your copy of Flyover fully functional and ready to rock. Also, any kind of thoughts about Flyover and its components are welcome.

Latest update: 1 October 2017


Take a look at Flyover's awesomeness with some fresh screenshots of it running on a live board!

[Image: UWxuw5l.png]
[Image: kpYwkat.png]
[Image: lmpWxGr.png]
[Image: 1N6NVii.png]
I'd love to donate/buy this but... when i go to click purchase, it never goes to paypal it just sits there and does nothing.
Thank you for the report. I am investigating the issue and I am actively looking for a solution in the next couple of hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Payments should be allowed again. I will monitor the success of the incoming transactions and the effective insertion in the correct usergroups in order to ensure that everything is ok.
Edit * I can't seem to find the download/config.

Hi, will it overwrite and replace https://github.com/stewartiee/Steam-OpenID--MyBB-
I received a payment in the morning, but it seems like your account has not been updated by the system. You are now on Gold subscription and you should see the download link. Ensure you select the providers you would like to use in your copy of Flyover (eg.: Steam); otherwise, the plugin will not work.

It can be used to replace Stewatiee's Steam integration, although it is fairly different from that in many ways. Currently there isn't any migrator for existing users connected with that plugin, but one will be included in the next minor release of Flyover.
Hi, I don't see a download link.
You should now. See the bottom part of the first post.
Still no. Sad 2

Sorry for the inconvenience. I will check in the evening (I am away from home at the moment).