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Pololoko 125 9 Sep 2017 Edited
Works only on default theme and other.
Does not work on Whisper theme.
Whisper console error.
Shade 9 Sep 2017
Open admin/styles/Whisper/style.php, find:

var cookiePrefix '{$mybb->settings['cookieprefix']}'
Add after:

var cookieSecureFlag '{$mybb->settings['cookiesecureflag']}'
Note that this is a Whisper issue, not FASTyle's.
Pololoko 125 9 Sep 2017
Sorry i wrote in the wrong topic. Now works, thank you.
Shade 9 Sep 2017
No problem. I would love to hear your feedbacks on the new version.
Tac 10 Sep 2017
An issue with the new version, whenever I CTRL+F to search through the content of a template, it opens the template search drop down.
Shade 10 Sep 2017
This is intended to speed up template switching. The search content hotkey is moved to CTRL/CMD+G.
Eldenroot 10 Sep 2017 Edited
@Shade - thank you for your new release, is possible to:
- add a codename for the next version - easier tracking for new updates
- add "expand all templates" -
- add subcategories into "Select a template" dropdown menu - show template group name and show below the templates in that group (easier navigation) -
Shade 10 Sep 2017
Sure. Thank you for your suggestions.
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Shade 8 Oct 2017 Edited
FASTyle has been rewritten from scratch and has now evolved into something much easier to use and powerful. Here's a preview with a temporary feature list:
  • add, delete, revert to original resources with AJAX;
  • support for stylesheets, templates and javascripts all in one page;
  • quick mode to perform actions without confirmation prompts;
  • full screen mode;
  • improved CodeMirror version, with better search and replace functionality, SublimeText hotkeys and custom dark theme;
  • diff mode to quickly compare resources to their original counterpart and live editing;

[Image: 68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f...652e706e67]

Testers needed

FASTyle 2.0 is not finished yet and needs some testing. While it's perfectly safe to install it at the current stages, other functionalities are yet to be implemented and I need people willing to report eventual issues.

You can download it from GitHub and report issues in FASTyle's forum. Thank you!
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Eldenroot 8 Oct 2017 Edited
@Shade - great! I am curious, is possible to extend this for ACP -> Configuration -> Languages -> Edit language variables?

I am going to test it, please let me know what will be added and what is done, thank you for your hard work!

EDIT: I just installed, as far and I saw it looks really nice. I will be waiting for your next update which will bring back support for template edits. Now they are not showed in Fastyle submenu (only JS and CSS). Another issue - I cannot revert back to v1.7 (it is installed but not working in templates, maybe I messed up with this v2.0... I will try to investigate more).