Shade 22 Mar 2019
You might need to update your browser’s cache, as versioning is not included (yet). Works fine for me.
Serpius 23 Mar 2019
I can confirm this... after the upgrade to FASTyle 2.1, the scroll bar did not show up UNTIL I did a hard refresh CTRL + F5 and now it is working GREAT!

Good job!
Shade 30 Mar 2019


FASTyle 2.2 is now available. This is a bugfix and theming release.

This version includes the following bugfixes:
BUG rollback to 2.0 pertaining scrollbars, which appeared unstyled due to 2.1 changes
SQUARED NEW switch over a light theme, easier on the eyes and more blended with the default ACP theme

To upgrade:
KEYCAP 1 uninstall FASTyle
KEYCAP 2 replace old files with the new ones
KEYCAP 3 install & activate FASTyle again
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effone 3 Apr 2019
Default color stylesheets showing as custom.
If you click `revert` they get removed from default theme ...
Shade 4 Apr 2019
The logic there hasn't been touched since 2.0, so odd that nobody has reported this. It seems I can't reproduce it either, can you elaborate a little more please?
effone 5 Apr 2019
Here is what happens:
Shade 5 Apr 2019
Ah, now I have read it better. Indeed, color specific stylesheets are not officially listed as default, and revert serves as a delete action instead. Nonetheless, you can still delete color-specific stylesheets even in the normal Themes panel: they are not inherited from the default theme, so they are correctly listed as custom. I may rephrase the button for them, but this functionality is the same as MyBB panel provides.
effone 5 Apr 2019
Alright, I have to report some jQ deprecations as well, listing, may post soon. For example:
`main.js`, line 699 `form.submit(function(e) {`
`.submit()` is deprecated, need to use `form.on('submit', function(e) {`
Eldenroot 4 May 2019
Shade - there is an issue with autocomplete feature, it is quite annoying sometimes (for example when editing some parts of template where you have a lot of tags).

Is possible to add a button or any setting to disable it? One more thing - I cannot see some templates (or template groups) in Fastyle but I can see them in stock MyBB template manager. Scrollbars are still bugged, do not use modern design :(

Thank you buddy!