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FASTyle 2.2

Shade Administrator 6 Nov 2018
That’s most probably because you’re using a custom theme for your ACP. FASTyle does not reset the text style completely, so you must reset that by yourself. I may implement a CSS reset in the future, albeit it’s not top priority at the moment.
Serpius Ultimate 6 Nov 2018
Ok, I have deactivated the FASTyle due to your reason.
Shade Administrator 21 Mar


FASTyle 2.1 is now available. This is a bugfix and feature release which brings MyBB 1.8.20 compatibility, given critical changes were deployed alongside such as jQuery 3.0. Version 2.1 also updates CodeMirror to its latest release.

This version includes the following bugfixes and new features:
BUG searching any asset prevents template groups to be collapsed
BUG jQuery 3.0 breaks tooltips and sidebar scrolling
SQUARED NEW autoclose tags and brackets when sensible characters are typed for faster markup writing
SQUARED NEW CodeMirror updated to version 5.45.0

To upgrade:
KEYCAP 1 uninstall FASTyle
KEYCAP 2 replace old files with the new ones
KEYCAP 3 install & activate FASTyle again
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Eldenroot Regular user 21 Mar Edited
Thats great! Thank you!!!

Shade is possible to change the font? It is not clear sometimes... also some diff changes are not readable (similar colors).
Shade Administrator 21 Mar
I’ll see what I can do, although the font should be clear on most devices (maybe Windows lacks some antialiasing?). You can change the appearance by yourself in /admin/FASTyle/editor.css anyway.
effone Regular user 22 Mar
Also, a light theme blending MyBB color scheme ...
Actually I made one but since there is no option to apply (other than plugin's core edit) and actually 2 theme in one (FASTyle frame with codemirror blending) its hard to handle ...
Shade Administrator 22 Mar
A light theme is planned. The dark one is also going to be revisited in some colors.
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effone Regular user 22 Mar
Also just wanna let you know the sidebar listing scroll is getting freezed even after updating to 2.1.
Need to go full screen and then restore back to regain functionality of listing vertical scroll.
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