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FASTyle 2.2

Shade Administrator 8 Oct 2017
Templates should be listed already:

[Image: uTF7AmE.png]

To switch back to 1.7: download it from here or the Mods Site (the GitHub one has some patches applied before splitting into a separate branch, so shouldn't be used), uninstall 2.0, remove all 2.0 files, upload 1.7 and install.
Eldenroot Regular user 8 Oct 2017
Nope, no templates at all - ignore the Zinc templates - it cannot be deleted somehow, there is no default theme templates showed :(

[Image: 0RswIRw.png]

[Image: tNrua1w.png]
Shade Administrator 8 Oct 2017
Can you provide me a temporary FTP account? This is something I may need to debug directly. Thank you!
Eldenroot Regular user 8 Oct 2017
Shade - yes, I can, are you on MyBB discord? I will be there ASAP
Khaleesi Hale Regular user 16 Oct 2017
Does this work with the Themes instead of Templates. I feel the Editor for the .CSS files are a bit slow and impairs me to do my work sometimes with long page times and scrolling is slow.
Khaleesi Hale Regular user 17 Oct 2017
Loving it Shade.
Only thing that stands out for me is the sidebar for 2.0

[Image: iPkqxhn.png]
Shade Administrator 17 Oct 2017
It’s a known issue. 2.0 is not finished yet, feel free to report issues :)
Shade Administrator 24 Dec 2017 Edited

FASTyle 2.0 is out

This is a massive rewrite with a lot of new features and improvements:
  • AJAXed interface
  • Diff comparator
  • Quick mode
  • State memory
  • Stylesheets quick reordering
  • Distractions-free mode
  • Custom dark theme
  • Sublime Text keymap
  • Revamped find and replace

You can find an explanation for each of them in the first post of this thread (–> FASTyle 2.2).

To upgrade from older versions, uninstall FASTyle, upload the new files and install it again.
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