FASTyle 2.2

25 Jul 2016 Edited
FASTyle is an all-in-one suite which dramatically improves and speeds up assets management, including templates, stylesheets and javascripts (in /jscripts folder). FASTyle is equipped with its own themes manager, reducing the usage of the core "Themes" and "Templates" modules to the minimum. It uses a customized version of CodeMirror editor to provide an eye-catching experience.

Minimum requirements

PHP 5.4
MyBB 1.8.0


AJAXed interface

FASTyle is built with speed in mind; as such, every action you take is routed to the server with AJAX technology, accounting for its unique real-time feel. Assets are listed in a convenient collapsible sidebar, and once loaded they are added to a tabbed top bar where you can easily switch between opened ones, resembling a standard browser experience. Get, save, add and delete assets anytime and in real-time.

[Image: IstkVuK.png]

Since for every theme a template set is used, FASTyle displays a theme and its associated template set. Orphaned template sets, those without a parent theme, and global ones are listed separately.

SPARKLES use the CTRL/CMD+S combination to quickly save assets.

CALENDAR In future releases FASTyle will include even more actions, progressively overriding the core modules and allowing you to manage every different aspect of your themes with AJAX.

Diff comparator

Compare assets to their original versions and edit them as you type. Templates and stylesheets are compared against the local MyBB Master Style versions, while JavaScripts are compared remotely by fetching the original asset from GitHub synchronized with your current MyBB version.

[Image: teFNtWJ.png]

Quick mode

When you perform sensitive actions, like closing unsaved assets or deleting them, you are prompted with a confirmation dialog. Quick mode allows you to bypass dialogs and approve your actions automatically, like a pro.

WARNING SIGN By enabling quick mode you acknowledge that you can permanently delete assets without any confirmation dialog. Templates and stylesheets are saved in the database, so you *might* have automatic backups generated by MyBB's tasks system; JavaScripts are saved in the filesystem and are more prone to data loss.

[Image: qPJSrLK.png]

State memory

FASTyle remembers your editor tuning, including previously opened tabs and the last one being worked on, quick mode and full paging, and sets them automatically once you refresh the page or come back days after. FASTyle's memory is stored in your browser cache and it's theme's specific, so you can work on different themes without letting their own setups interfere with each other.

Stylesheets quick reordering

Drag and drop stylesheets and reorder them wherever you want. In the current version, stylesheets' order is saved automatically after 4 seconds from the last drop.

Distractions-free mode

Aka: full paging. It allows you to work better by having zero distractions over your coding sessions.

Custom theme

A custom and handmade theme is included to rest your eyes in delight while managing your beloved MyBB board.

Sublime Text keymap

FASTyle adds the popular Sublime Text keymap to CodeMirror: here you can find the complete list of keyboard shortcuts you can use to improve your template and stylesheet management.

Revamped find and replace

A revamped find and replace module for CodeMirror is included. This is one of the hottest features included in FASTyle, as CodeMirror's standard functionality lacks friendliness and it's one of the biggest bottlenecks faced by its users. FASTyle's version works much like any advanced code editor for OSes, persisting on screen after the search, highlighting matches properly and in real-time.

[Image: nwHyxl7.png]

From the original idea of @Eric J.. Thank you Eric.

You can follow FASTyle's development here: FASTyle development.


To install, simply upload the plugin to your plugins directory and Install & Activate FASTyle from the plugin list.


Uninstall the previous version, replace the old files with the new ones and install the plugin again.

This project is licensed under


A simple license with little to no use restrictions, except for author's crediting. Read the provided LICENSE file for more informations.


Commercial use
Private use


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Copyright notice
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Brenda 26 Jul 2016
Probably one of the best plugins for MyBB forum managers. Definitely recommend it.
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Brenda 8 Aug 2016 Edited
The latest version lets you quickly jump between templates while you edit them
Shade (25 Jul 2016)
Hmm, how does this work exactly, like how do i use it? Couldn't figure out.
Shade 8 Aug 2016
Sure. When you edit a template you should see a column row named Template set, FASTyle adds a row named Quick jump merely after it filled with the template list of the theme you are currently working on. Once you select a template, it automatically redirects you to that template.

Someone pointed out that since the template list is numerically consistent, it's quite difficult to search for a specific template. Unfortunately I developed the plugin using my ACP theme Whisper, which features user-friendly selectboxes with a search functionality. I will add a similar feature in a future update for FASTyle; in the meantime, I would suggest you to use Whisper.
Brenda 8 Aug 2016
Hm, there is no Quick Jump for me shown, when i select another template in the template set nothing happens.
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Shade 8 Aug 2016
Can you provide me privately a test account to your ACP please? I will check it out.
Shade 7 Sep 2016 Edited

FASTyle 1.4 is out

To see the changelog, see FASTyle development. Special thanks to @Brenda and @Eldenroot for spotting bugs and suggesting improvements.
Eldenroot 7 Sep 2016 Edited
@Shade - thank you!

I can confirm that Randomly not saving templates is still here - but it is rare (almost 100x time less then in v1.3 but it happens).

When you save the template it looks perfect, but when you hit F5 changes are lost (reverted back to previous version). I cannot reproduce steps why it happens but it happens.

- Remember template groups open when coming back to the template list [Ready]
--- How to make it working? Still closed after I click on ave and return to listing
Shade 7 Sep 2016 Edited
Can you provide a test account to your board? Since it runs on a JavaScript function, custom themes with custom JS may break its routines.

Sad to know that the issue is still there – I haven't encountered one missing save till I have installed so far. I can't think of anything breaking its logic as I checked it hundreds times and it looks good to me.
Eldenroot 7 Sep 2016
Maybe you forgot to update the attachment linked above - it shows me 1.4beta - I will try to redownload it and let you know.

Good luck in you exams!