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FASTyle 1.7
FASTyle is an all-in-one suite which improves and speeds up settings, stylesheets and templates management. FASTyle:
  • uses asynchronous calls (AJAX) to expand and collapse templates, save templates, stylesheets and settings;
  • adds a powerful quick template editing functionality, adding a same-page, AJAXed multi-template manager;
  • adds CodeMirror's Sublime Text keymap, enhancing MyBB default editor's functionalities.


Quick saving

FASTyle replaces the standard saving routine for templates, stylesheets and settings with an AJAX-powered functionality. You can:
  • click on the save button as always;
  • press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + S (CMD + S for Mac users).

Once you perform one of those 2 actions, the save button will be replaced with a spinner until the saving process finishes. Then, a notification will appear in the top right corner of your screen.

Quick templates expansion

Templates are expanded from their groups using AJAX. You don't need to wait for the entire page to reload.

Quick templates manager

[Image: SV9OBix.gif]

From version 1.6 onwards, FASTyle is equipped with a quick templates manager which lets you open multiple templates into a single browser page and switch between them seamlessly. You can open templates within the same template set by selecting one from the quick jump selectbox and waiting for its complete load. When you open a template, a tab is added above the editor:
  • a bolder appearance indicates the tab is currently open;
  • a yellow bottom border with an asterisk mark (*) before the template name indicates the template has unsaved changes;
  • the red "x" mark closes the template. It will be reloaded from the database if it's opened again in the same session. (HINT: you can also press the ALT+W hotkey to close the current tab)

Your editing session is saved locally in your browser and templates are loaded again when you browse back to a new template editing page. Combined with the CTRL/CMD+S shortcut, editing templates now becomes something enjoyable by everyone and fast as light.

Quick templates editing has CodeMirror support: the current editor status, including the current selection, scrolling position and edit history, is stored and reloaded every time you switch back to a template.

A "Close all tabs" button is also added next to the tabs container which lets you close all tabs other than the currently active one. A confirmation dialog is displayed whenever you try to close a template with unsaved changes.

FASTyle performs a core edit to add this functionality!

The quick template manager is available only if FASTyle could perform a core edit upon installation. If you can't see the manager, you must perform the core edit manually. Open admin/modules/style/templates.php, find:


Add before:



FASTyle adds its own keyboard shortcuts to enhance speed even further:
  • CTRL/CMD + S = save template/stylesheet/settings
  • CTRL/CMD + F = open the template search selectbox*
  • ALT + W = close current template tab

*the associated browser shortcut (e.g. in Chrome/FF/Safari = find in page) is shifted to the closest character to the "F" one, meaning that CTRL/CMD + G will be the new "find in page" feature in pages where FASTyle is enabled.

I am open to new requests for keyboard shortcuts: comment below with your suggestions.

Sublime Text keymap

FASTyle adds the popular Sublime Text keymap to CodeMirror: here you can find the complete list of keyboard shortcuts you can use to improve your template and stylesheet management.

From the original idea of Eric J.. Thank you Eric.


FASTyle is compatible only with MyBB 1.8.

You can follow its development here: FASTyle development.

How to install

To install, simply upload the plugin to your plugins directory and Install & Activate FASTyle from the plugin list.

How to update from older versions

Uninstall the previous version, replace the old files with the new ones and install the plugin again.

FASTyle 1.7.zip

Size: 118.17 KBDownloaded: 16 times
Probably one of the best plugins for MyBB forum managers. Definitely recommend it.
(24 Jul 2016, 21:26)Shade wrote The latest version lets you quickly jump between templates while you edit them

Hmm, how does this work exactly, like how do i use it? Couldn't figure out.
Sure. When you edit a template you should see a column row named Template set, FASTyle adds a row named Quick jump merely after it filled with the template list of the theme you are currently working on. Once you select a template, it automatically redirects you to that template.

Someone pointed out that since the template list is numerically consistent, it's quite difficult to search for a specific template. Unfortunately I developed the plugin using my ACP theme Whisper, which features user-friendly selectboxes with a search functionality. I will add a similar feature in a future update for FASTyle; in the meantime, I would suggest you to use Whisper.
Hm, there is no Quick Jump for me shown, when i select another template in the template set nothing happens.
Can you provide me privately a test account to your ACP please? I will check it out.

FASTyle 1.4 is out

To see the changelog, see FASTyle development. Special thanks to Brenda and Eldenroot for spotting bugs and suggesting improvements.
Shade - thank you!

I can confirm that Randomly not saving templates is still here - but it is rare (almost 100x time less then in v1.3 but it happens).

When you save the template it looks perfect, but when you hit F5 changes are lost (reverted back to previous version). I cannot reproduce steps why it happens but it happens.

- Remember template groups open when coming back to the template list [Ready]
--- How to make it working? Still closed after I click on ave and return to listing
Can you provide a test account to your board? Since it runs on a JavaScript function, custom themes with custom JS may break its routines.

Sad to know that the issue is still there – I haven't encountered one missing save till I have installed so far. I can't think of anything breaking its logic as I checked it hundreds times and it looks good to me.
Maybe you forgot to update the attachment linked above - it shows me 1.4beta - I will try to redownload it and let you know.

Good luck in you exams!