Randomly not saving templates

15 Aug 2016
This issue is marked as solved
Issue from 1.1 is still there - sometimes (rarely) you have to press F5 to reload the page and apply the changes again. Save is not working. Anyway it occurs less then before
Shade 15 Aug 2016 Edited
Thank you for your report @Eldenroot, indeed the bug is still there. I am testing 1.4 and so far so good, but still needs a bit of tweaking. Can you confirm that the issue just happens when editing templates?
Eldenroot 15 Aug 2016
As I said - it is really rare but it happens. Difficult to reproduce properly, I detected this bug only in templates so far
Shade 15 Aug 2016
Thank you, added to FASTyle development.
Shade 15 Aug 2016
I have uploaded a beta version of FASTyle 1.4 to FASTyle development. Feel free to install and try it. Should solve this issue once for all, but still needs testing.
Brenda 19 Feb 2017
Unfortunately this is still happening way too often.
Shade 24 Feb 2017
That's true, and I have no clues left to solve the issue once for all.
Shade 21 Mar 2017
I could isolate the issue with some luck. Apparently the hidden input pointing to the template identifier changes randomly under certain conditions and gets reset to the "default" templates tid. So:
  1. The template you are currently editing it not updated;
  2. The global template copy is not updated, since MyBB does not allow this operation by design.

The solution, regardless of when and where that input changes, is simple yet effective: attach the tid directly to FASTyle JS instead of fetching inputs every time you save.

This will solve the issue definitely.
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Brenda 21 Mar 2017
Really nice to hear u could find the issue.

The best mybb plugin imo. :) I suppose we can expect an update soon then?
Shade 21 Mar 2017
Very soon.