[Quick Question] Unread Posts Behavior

5 Apr 2020 Edited
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Firstly, great plugin. Thank you for writing this.

We started off by integrating with Google. Flyover could not have made this process any simpler. I love the simplicity of the registration page where you can adjust your username, the profile fields you migrate, and so forth. (It was somewhat tricky on the Google development console's side of things. I'll be happy to write the steps I used to get it working on Google for anyone else who may be interested!)

However, ever since installing this, we've had some weird behavior with "view new posts" and so forth. I first noticed it when I would write new posts, but then I'd visit the board and they'd show up as "unread." Now, new posts are often written but they don't show up in the "view new posts" search consistently.

We're unsure if this is a Flyover related issue or if this is perhaps PHP 7.4 (which we upgraded to in order to install) or otherwise. But I wanted to ask here first. I suspect that it's dealing with unread posts on an IP basis rather than a user basis because the issue most frequently shows up when I switch from my cell phone to my laptop. Does Flyover change anything regarding how this is done?

Just wanted to ask here first!

Thank you in advance,
-Darth Apple
Shade 5 Apr 2020
Hi, thanks for your positive feedbacks! Flyover does not alter anything about that part so I believe it is unrelated. Note that PHP 7.4 is not necessary for Flyover, you just need 7.1.
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