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Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I announce that I cease all development and activity in the programming universe indefinitely. My career has reached the turning point I was not expecting for at least another year, leaving me highly off guard and without laid-out plans for this hobby's continuity. I have begun a 5-year residency program in Neurosurgery which is clearly not compatible, time-wise, with programming.

I gave in all my passion for developing, and you gave me back your loyalty and trust, even when I did not deserve that much. Now it is the time for payback. I release all my present and past work as Open Source software, in the hope some talented developer will continue maintaining and expanding my vision of a modern, sleek forum software. The intrinsic flexibility of MyBB is the true hidden gem of an otherwise outdated codebase; I do hope the project can continue and be updated complying to the latest coding standards.

I hereby thank Euan, kawaii, andrewjs18, Ben, Matt, Omar G., effone, Eric J., Devilshakerz, Wildcard, JordanMussi and all the other team members I have had the opportunity to work with when I was a MyBB team member. I thank Tomm M, my mentor, who inspired me to pick up coding with his piece-of-art plugins. And finally, I thank all of you MyBBoost subscribers who have helped me getting through my toughest university years economically.

Yours sincerely, Filippo

Profile background

26 May 2020
Hey. How can I add a profile background to Hovercards?
I tried to add something to the templates:
.tlo_profil {
background-image: url({$userfields['fidX']}), url(X); background-size: cover; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position-y: -250px;
But nothing is displayed.
Shade 26 May 2020
Hovercards' syntax for custom profile fields is {fidX}, not {$userfields['fidX']}.
Roughster 26 May 2020
Still not displaying.
Shade 26 May 2020
Did you add the code to hovercards_template? I will need your board to see what are you trying to do.
Roughster 26 May 2020
Yes, please priv.
Hüseyin Filiz 27 May 2020

You can use {$mybb->user['fidX']} in hovercards and in other templates to display custom profile field information.
Shade 27 May 2020

You can use {$mybb->user['fidX']} in hovercards and in other templates to display custom profile field information.
Hüseyin Filiz (27 May 2020)
This won't work in Hovercards' template.
Hüseyin Filiz 27 May 2020 Edited
hovercards_template in;

It works for me.

PS: fid1 is my location.

    <img class="avatar" src="{avatar}" />
    <div class="username">
        <span class="lastactive {lastactive}">{lastactive}</span>
        <span class="regdate">{$mybb->user['fid1']}</span>
My test board screenshot:

Note: Custom Profile Fields » Field » Display on postbit? » YES
Shade 27 May 2020
That's not the user's profile field, but the one associated with your currently logged in account. If you log out, you can see it's no longer displayed.

To display each user's CPF you will need to use {fidX} instead.
Hüseyin Filiz 27 May 2020

I'm sorry to misunderstand. I add {fid1} in hovercards_template and just display. Mean, like normal text. Please see my ss.

And if u need a test, i created a admin account for you in my test board forum. i send u pm.