11 Aug 2019 Edited #1

Plugin causes massive spike in resources

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Immediately after installing this plugin, entry processes and CPU usage surge and my site starts producing 503s. The site averages around 300 visitors at any given point in time (over the past 15 minutes) and has 400,000 images. Is this plugin querying all of the attachments or something? The plugin file itself isn't very lengthy -- is there a version with comprehensive notes? I'd really like to use this, especially because it lifts MyBB's native attachment limit per post from 25 to an unlimited number (I was hoping to go with 40 per post).

This happens before anyone actually uploads anything and occurs within 1 minute of installing it. I'm running PHP 5 and MyBB 1.8.17.
Shade 11 Aug 2019
It shouldn’t. When I’m back I’m going ti do an audit, in the meantime please provide me a test URL.