9 Apr #1

Payments show up as orders to ship

Ultimate subscriber
With my previous plugin it did not collect addresses to deliver a product to.
Now it shows "You have orders ready to ship".

Subscriptions should be a service type, if there is one.
Shade 9 Apr
I am not sure if this is possible with PayPal REST API, which is the one used by Omnipay (BankPipe's framework). I will see if this is feasible and get back at you.
Shade 9 Apr
BankPipe uses the Payments API which does not have such feature. I'm sorry this cannot make it in BankPipe.
Kalju 10 Apr Edited
So it has to be made with this? https://developer.paypal.com/docs/checkout/integrate/

I tried the debug store on that website and it also collects addresses, so it is mandatory to have a shipping address.
Shade 10 Apr