25 Nov 2019 Edited #1

Payment does not finalize when discount code is used

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I had a member test the new update and we ran ino a little problem:

He said he was not allowed any payment choices such as paypal balance or paypal credit. He had to use his credit card.

Also, his status was not automatically upgraded even though I have it set to bump a buyer to the next level

Plus there was an SQL error:

MyBB SQL Error
MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1054 - Unknown column 'p' in 'where clause'
UPDATE mybb_bankpipe_discounts SET counter = counter + 1 WHERE did IN (p,1)
Please contact the MyBB Group for technical support.

I did receive the correct amount in my Paypal account.
Shade 25 Nov 2019
This has been reported already by another member. I'm on my way to provide a fix, possibly this evening with a beta 9 bump as this affects the discounts feature.

The fact that your user couldn't use his PayPal balance doesn't depend on BankPipe. Probably his account has some limitations or doesn't have enough funds.