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Paid download logs

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Hey Shade,

Would it be possible to have a section in the Admin CP that logs the downloads of attachments that have a price/need a subscription? By log, I mean the following; The specific attachment, the user that downloaded it, the date (&time) it was downloaded, and if they paid for that specific item or obtained it through a subscription.

Could have 2 ways of doing it,
- A logs section in the Admin CP, showing all downloads with ways to filter through them by user, time, attachment etc..
- In the Users & Groups section, when viewing/editing a user - a section to display all their download if any.
I prefer the first.

This wouldn't need to be required for free attachments. Reason I'm suggesting/requesting this is due to refund requests. It's easy enough to have a vague no refunds policy, however sometimes people do make mistakes, or were meant to cancel but forgot etc.. and get in contact asking to cancel and obtain a refund. To maintain professionalism it would be nice to know who is actually telling the truth rather than downloading everything and bouncing. You can state in your policy then that once you download any paid item, there are no refunds.

Sorry if this is already a feature, I haven't had the pleasure of testing it yet.
Great work so far! :)
Shade 22 Jun 2018 Edited
This is actually something I didn't think in the first place, but it would surely fit into BankPipe. I prefer the first method too. This is not a feature yet, so it has been added to BankPipe development.

Edit: this is accomplished in the ongoing dev version. Hope this is sufficient for you:

[Image: Imo5q0z.png]

Thank you for contributing!
Harry K. 23 Jun 2018
That’s absolutely brilliant! :D is there/will there be filter options?

Precisely what I was thinking. Thanks Shade
Shade 24 Jun 2018
Yes, it comes with filtering options by username, date and item downloaded.