order confirmation pm/email changes

5 Aug 2019 Edited
while it's nice this was added in I believe beta 6, it should be added as a module/setting in admin/index.php?module=config-bankpipe rather than the language files so it does not get overwritten each time bankpipe is updated.

further, it'd be nice to be able to assign a specific confirmation pm/email to a specific subscription. for example, on one of my sites, I hope to set up 2 different subscriptions in the near future. as such, I'd like to tailor each pm/email slightly different.

also, this is how the current paypal order confirmation looks now in the language files:
Dear {1},
your order {2} has been confirmed. You have bought:


You paid [b]{4}{5}[/b] to {6}. You can see a detailed breakdown of your purchase [url={7}]here[/url].

Best regards,
it'd be nice to know what {1}, {2}, {3} and etc. are variables for.
Shade 5 Aug 2019
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andrewjs18 6 Aug 2019