17 Apr #1

MyDropzone problems

Social user
I just get that plugin I propably I doing something wrong because I cant find that plugin to install (on admin panel list)
Someone can help me which file should go where on my ftp.
Many thanks
Shade 17 Apr
you just need to extract the ZIP file, and move all the content to your MyBB folder. Where did you upload the files?
i try to upload to folders what we can see in .zip
Shade 17 Apr
Yes, then install it from the Plugins page in your Admin Control Panel.
still fail
Shade 17 Apr
I can't really help you further without having a temporary FTP access, the instructions are as simple as they could be. Please reach me on Discord: Shade#7731.
If I give acces to my files can You help me with this?
Shade 17 Apr
Yes, as I told you, I need a temporary FTP access. Reach me out on Discord, don't post your sensitive tokens here, it's a public forum.