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MyDropzone preview

MyDropzone 1.2 is a plugin in development stages which aims to replace MyBB's default attachments functionality with a modern and reliable drag and drop solution using AJAX. It is based on Dropzone.js and it will be a premium plugin for all our Gold subscribers. As always, no ETAs will be given.

Here's a sneak peek of MyDropzone's potential with a live test on MyBBoost.

[Image: PYH1X8u.gif]

You can play around with MyDropzone in the testing zone.

Features overview

MyDropzone is crafted with simplicity in mind. Being a complete replacement to MyBB's default attachments functionality, it inherits its features with a great addition which is quick image upload: once the setting is enabled, all images uploaded will not be sent to your server but to Imgur.com and automatically inserted into the post. Everything is powered by AJAX, so the upload is and feels a lot faster and neater than usual. Attachments quota is updated as you upload and remove files. A great visual animation accompanies the whole process, letting MyDropzone be a potential killer feature for your forum.
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Zukro 26 Jul 2016
hi shade, will there be any option to upload to our own server? I don't want to upload to any third party image server, in case....

and imgur is banned in our country because of pornography.
Shade 26 Jul 2016 Edited
Of course, Imgur is just available as an option. Besides, you can request more providers like ImageShack that I might integrate.
Brenda 26 Jul 2016
Definitely http://prnt.sc
Shade 26 Jul 2016
Unfortunately, it seems like that service does not provide a web API endpoint.
Eldenroot 15 Aug 2016 Edited
Can you replace the mybb default attachment system in "post thread and post a reply" templates? If yes then it would be awesome

Also some ideas:
- add a support for "Download all" - something like in gmail for example - you can download all attachments at once from the post.
Shade 15 Aug 2016
It's already available. MyDropzone replaces the default attachment system found everywhere and injects Dropzone.js as an alternative.

The all-in-one download idea sounds cool.
Dr.Jeet 13 Sep 2016
When will be it [email protected]Shade
Shade 13 Sep 2016
As stated here (Post attachments from quick reply), "very soon".
Shade 13 Sep 2016
By the way I have discovered that prnt.sc uses Imgur itself @Brenda.