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MyDropzone installation problem

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I would like to apologize for the quality of this text, but I'm using a translator.

When I dropped MyDropzone into two forums (version 1.8 * and php higher than 5.4) and tried to install the plugin, I showed up a white page and HTTP ERROR 500. I tried it on localhost and it worked fine.

Shade 9 Aug 2017 Edited
Hi, thank you for your report. Please check your server's PHP version: this may be caused by a lack of minimum requirements. MyDropzone requires PHP 5.4 or above.

EDIT: sorry, I have just read your post more carefully and you already have PHP 5.4+. This might as well be an issue with PHP 7.0+, which may not be supported at the moment. I may then ask you for temporary FTP credentials, so I can debug this better. Unfortunately, there isn't any other method for me to know what's wrong with so little informations.
radex 9 Aug 2017
Sure, I will make a separate forum with the same server parameters and I will send you a PM login and account password.
Shade 9 Aug 2017
In inc/languages/polish/admin/mydropzone.lang.php there was a mistake:

$l['setting_mydropzone_remove_confirmation_desc'] = "Włącz tę opcję, aby zażądać potwierdzenia przed usunięciem pliku. Jeśli ta opcja jest wyłączona, po kliknięciu przycisku "Usuń" w załączniku zostanie natychmiast usunięte."
The "Usun" part can't be inside double quotes, and should be escaped; otherwise, the line ends on the first double quote, and the code after it will be executed by PHP, which produced a fatal 500 error.

$l['setting_mydropzone_remove_confirmation_desc'] = "Włącz tę opcję, aby zażądać potwierdzenia przed usunięciem pliku. Jeśli ta opcja jest wyłączona, po kliknięciu przycisku \"Usuń\" w załączniku zostanie natychmiast usunięte."
This is the correct version. I have already corrected the version on your server; feel free to copy it to your production site.

This does not affect other boards, as the official package does not feature the polish language and it is a customization added by @radex.
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radex 9 Aug 2017
Oh my God. Basic programming mistake. In fact, after the change works as it should. I'm sorry for the flab and I also thank you for taking the time.
Shade 9 Aug 2017
No problem. As a subscriber, you also get premium support and priority over free plugins.
radex 9 Aug 2017
If I can ask one more question in this topic. I noticed that some forums also use DropZone (I do not know if you are from Shade), but when you upload the file automatically attach [attach ... = id] tag in the post (something automatically inserted into the post). Can this be set in the plugin or is it possible to make a "insert to post" button under "remove file"?
Shade 9 Aug 2017
This is planned for the next update. Unfortunately, I am currently studying till end of September and I don't know if I will be able to release MyDropzone 1.1 within a reasonable amount of time.
radex 9 Aug 2017
I understand, thank you for the answer.