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MyBB password

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When a user is registering with my site via Flyover is that users password stored within the MyBB user table? Does this mod modify the MyBB password in anyway?

Why I ask is. I have a custom Apache mod_mysql_auth that uses MyBB users table (username, password, usergroup) for basic auth in a protected area. I plan on using Bankpipe for subscriptions but I can't have my auth system messed with.
Shade 24 Jan
No, Flyover does not alter the _users table at all. It uses its own table.

I don't understand what BankPipe has to do with the question though. Also, if you want to receive further support, I'm afraid you will need to subscribe or purchase Flyover.
Seeker-Smith 24 Jan
Well I won't buy either unless I know they'll work for my application.
Shade 24 Jan
Fair enough. With this kind of software it's easy to get access to leaks so I thought you had already access to it somehow.

Anyway, you can ask for a refund within 30 days if not satisfied.
Seeker-Smith 25 Jan
Fair enough. But I pay for what I use and appreciate good support.

My Apache Auth is being updated this weekend to work with MyBB salt and password hash. Your payment system would be needed to process payments and upgrade the users group.

We thought it would be awesome if we had a multi register system to take advantage of one signup but if the users are in a different table and the login is stored unlike MyBB I don't know if it will work.

Is there anyway I can explain my needs in depth perhaps by email.
Shade 25 Jan
You can write them up here. If you don't want to disclose personal info, use the Private Inquiries forum.

As I said, Flyover uses its own tables, with the user id ("uid") being the only indirect reference to the users table, which is what I suppose you are referencing as well.
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