MyAlerts is now available

28 Jun 2018
@"Euan T"'s brilliant MyAlerts has been adapted during the last couple of months and is now available on MyBBoost. Moderation Alerts Pack 4.0.2 has been installed too so you can be aware of an outstanding 35-pack of events site-wide. You surely won't miss anything about MyBBoost now!

Slight updates to the theme have also been deployed with a brighter color scheme and minor fixes for bugs such as better aligned and colored social login buttons, private threads being shown in profile and fatal errors with the latest posts on index functionality.

After an exam due in 1 week and a half I will adapt MyDropzone 1.2, Hovercards 1.3, Endless beta 1 and the long-awaited new version of ThunderBoard beta 6 to MyBBoost's new theme.
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