28 Oct 2019 #1

myalerts integration

Ultimate subscriber

myalerts integration is an absolute must-have for symposium!
Wildcard 28 Oct 2019
Shade, I am definitely going to use this as soon as it has MyAlerts integration and is stable.

Thanks for all your great work. ?
Shade 29 Oct 2019
MyAlerts is already compatible: it just need adjusting to the language strings. Symposium integrates in MyBB native pm class so what’s already using it, including MyAlerts, is supported out of the box. Try sending a message on a board with pm alerts activated.
andrewjs18 29 Oct 2019
does mybboost not have pm alerts turned on for myalerts?
Shade 29 Oct 2019
It doesn’t as I’m relying on the default counter and notifications would be redundant.