27 Jan 2019 Edited
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speaking with @Shade I know the code is being rewritten for bankpipe. what I'd like to see is it being made more modular so that it's easier to use and more efficient. By modular I mean being able to control facets of bankpipe that currently require core edits to the plugin and such. these could easily get overwritten when bankpipe is updated, which would be annoying.

I'd like to see some of this:
- the PM message an admin gets when someone purchases something
- the way the cost is written. for example, on my forum (USA based), it lists the cost as 20$. In America, we write that as $20
- send the admin a PM when a subscription expires
- send the user a thank you PM after their purchase is completed. the admin should be able to configure what is sent out via PM and use stuff like {username} {subscription} {board name} {board url} etc. to tailor the PM some more
- the ability to link to a specific subscription in /bankpipe.php
andrewjs18 29 Jan 2019
bump, added some stuff.