18 May #1

merging 2 accounts, possible bug in beta 5

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I'm still running beta 5 on my big board, so please forgive me if this has been fixed in beta 6...hopefully I'll upgrade to beta 6 in the next few days...

I had a merchant sign up on my site about 6 months ago, but didn't post much nor did he subscribe to become an official merchant on my board. said merchant signed back up today using a new account and signed up for the subscription through bankpipe. after realizing this, I merged his new account in with the his old account.

bankpipe beta 5 doesn't know how to handle this correctly, so it wipes out any visual information in the payment history. I'm not sure if it retains any data in the database. perhaps bankpipe should run some update operations like mybb does when 2 accounts are merged.

[Image: d8sQmLe.png]