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Serpius 8 Oct 2019
I don't know which time zone you live in, but I live in the USA Eastern Time Zone.
Shade 9 Oct 2019
GMT+1 here. It’s currently 11pm.
Serpius 9 Oct 2019
Ok, it's a 6 hour time difference. I tend to get up early in the morning, my time.

We can try for 1:00 pm your time, which is 7:00 am my time.

Would that work for you?
Shade 9 Oct 2019
I can only on friday around that time if it’s ok for you.
Serpius 9 Oct 2019 Edited
Ok, is it possible for me to link a short video that you can view?

It might explain things a bit better.

It's clear in the first few attempts of clicking on the 'Add to cart' button, the red "malformed error" shows up at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Now, I am pretending that I am a new user and I thought I made a mistake. So, I pick the next option and click on the 'Add to cart', again that red "malformed error" shows up.

I look at the bright red 'Cart' button at the far left side, it is showing (0), which makes me think that I did not do something correctly as a new user.

However, if I go ahead and click on the Cart button, the next screen shows the 2 different subscription options that I already picked on the previous page. That adds to the user's confusion.

That is when I end the video.

Two things are going on... Bankpipe is showing that weird "malformed" error message and it is not relaying the correct amount of subscriptions to the 'Cart' button.

Link to video → https://reccloud.com/u/0cogkw7
Shade 9 Oct 2019
Yeah, I suppose there’s a server error, as they usually produce this kind of malformed response errors. I will have a look at it directly later on your site.
Serpius 9 Oct 2019
Ok, that's good to see that it's something that I didn't do wrong.

Just for your info... you can check out real quick what my setup looks like when kawaii set it up at the beginning of this year.


I don't know if the setup has any impact on the issues with Bankpipe.
Shade 10 Oct 2019
Serpius's issue was related to BankPipe being altered. Restoring its integrity solved the issue.
Serpius 10 Oct 2019
When you state "restoring its integrity", do you mean restoring the messed-up code back to its original code?

Again, thanks for your assistance in fixing this.
Shade 10 Oct 2019