Javascript error

8 Apr 2020
This issue is marked as solved

The user DD Z buy us the hovercard plugin for our forum. I've installed in but it's not working apparently due a javascript error.
On the console when I enter to the index page by default the console has no error, but at the time I put the mouse over a nick instead of the hovercard nothing happens and this message is shown on console

[Image: Screenshot-5.png]
[Image: image.png]

I check on the default theme and has the same error so I'm not sure if is a template error. I check all the files were upload correctly and everything else related to jquery and javascript on the forum seems to be working normally.
Shade 8 Apr 2020 Edited
I cannot verify your purchase. Support is given only to the buyer’s account, sorry. Also, as per the EULA, one license is granted to install premium plugins on boards you directly manage: if @DD Z could weigh in on this would be nice.
DD Z 9 Apr 2020
Hello. I purchased the item, and both me and Plushy have the same powers in the forum, so what could have caused the error at the moment of the installation?
Shade 9 Apr 2020
Uninstall, download and install the repackaged version. I have added a fix for this in the hovercards_script template. You can also copy and paste the template without reinstalling the plugin, it’s found in inc/plugins/Hovercards/templates/script.html.