3 Jun 2018 #1

Instructions for Myfacebook Connect to update from one version to another

Regular user
I have a very old instance of myfacebook connect (1.1) that I would like to update. On the website, it says:

"Update from any version to another

Read the specific page in the documentation on GitHub to know how to update from any MyFacebook Connect to another. This is as simple as clicking a button and you won't lose any data."

However when I go to GitHub, it redirects me back to this website. I am unable to find instructions for updating an old instance of MyFacebook Connect. Where can I find this information?

Thank you
Shade 3 Jun 2018
Hi, to update MFC you just need to overwrite the old files with the new ones, and eventually get rid of the unused ones. Then, open any page in your ACP, and you will be asked to run the upgrade script; that’s it.