29 Apr 2018 #1

Install problem, not generating files?

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Thought I'd give this ago, Installed the plugin however when viewing the board all the styles aren't loading, and some js.

Anything linking to the "static" folder is returning 404, visiting that directory in FTP shows a folder "1525032778" with no contents and once I tried going back a directory it said that the directory didn't exist.

I have literally just downloaded, dragged the contents of the download into forums root and Installed the plugin, no settings changed nothing. I also did the Cache Buster and Rebuild Global Templates but still no fix. Really sorry if I've completely missed out a vital step to get it working, I could find any more info on installation other than drag and drop >.>

Thanks for any help!
Shade 30 Apr 2018
Hi, ThunderBoard should build static JSes when you first visit the forum with the plugin installed. If nothing happens, feel free to post your board URL so I can take a look.
Harry K. 1 May 2018 Edited
Can you message me on discord when your online? I'll activate it when your free to have a look if you like.