15 Dec 2016 Edited #1

Install problem

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Hi MyBBoost,i have one problem look:
I activate plugin ThunderBoard and when I try go to my forum index:
HTTP Error 500

No active plugin forum works good.
Only works on default MyBB Style?

live: http://porobieni.com

Shade 15 Dec 2016
It seems like ThunderBoard beta 6 is not installed, or it's not visible to guests on your board. I can't debug anything if the plugin is not installed. By the way, analyzing your website through the Developer Console it seems like you have many JavaScript issues which conflict with ThunderBoard. The plugin works fine as long as you don't have any JS issues, given the main enhancement exploits delicate JS functions to AJAXify the whole site.
XwReK 15 Dec 2016 Edited
I have actually version:
[Image: ctEvz6U.png]
Hmm maybe JS i don't know - ok i try repair this if problem is JS issue.

ThunderBoard after installation change my MyBB style? for this is what MyBBoost?,or how does it work?
Shade 15 Dec 2016
You obviously need to unpack the .zip file and upload all the files to the respective folders. Uploading the .zip file or creating a new folder named "thunderboard" and uploading all the files there does nothing. You need to upload the files to the correct folders in order to install the plugin properly.
XwReK 15 Dec 2016
This SS is for my Desktop.
I upload all folders to correct folders :).
Shade 15 Dec 2016
I can't understand your issue then.
touzanimail 18 Sep 2019
I still not understand how to do that can someone tell me where i should upload the zip file
Also please give me the instructions to make it work correct
Shade 18 Sep 2019
You have to unzip the file first, then upload all the folders/files to your server. If you can't handle such easy task, please refrain to try ThunderBoard as its configuration is pretty advanced. Everything is explained in the release thread btw: ThunderBoard beta 6.