Inline errors

23 Jun 2019
This issue is marked as solved
It would be great if this could also include inline errors, when you have time.
Shade 23 Jun 2019
I'm not sure what you are referring to. Errors should already be displayed inline without a in-between page redirection.
Tac 23 Jun 2019
This may be out of this plugins scope, but I've noticed a few such as in the usercp (
If you make an error while changing your password for instance, it shows inline errors on the page instead of in an alert.
Shade 24 Jun 2019
Well, you can already achieve that with a simple template edit: change error_inline to accomodate a jGrowl message instead of a div element. You can basically copy the code from ISM's template (inlinesuccess_success), adapt it by using the actual error_inline error variable, and eventually add the jgrowl_error class.
Tac 24 Jun 2019
Will try that, thanks for the info :)