Infinite Scrolling

9 Dec 2016
I remember reading you were working on infinite scrolling for MyBB, similar to Flarum's. Do you still have plans for this or is it just a personal project? In my opinion Flarum has created a nearly perfect replacement for pagination. To see this on MyBB would be amazing.
Eldenroot 13 Dec 2016
Good job!
Tac 16 Dec 2016
Shade 18 Dec 2016 Edited
[Image: lC8L73G.gif]

This is heavily inspired from Flarum, both in the design and the code. Looks and feels pretty good I must say. Gonna deploy when it's ready.

Note that the GIF is throttled to a GPRS connection (500 ms, 50 kb/s). Usually you only see the already loaded posts.
Eldenroot 18 Dec 2016
Great! Looks really nice! Good job
Shade 18 Dec 2016
Now the issue is customization – to reduce the exchanged data, I've set up a separate API point and the post/thread is built using a JavaScript template, which ends up being hard to customize (it's not pure HTML). Still looking for the best solution...
Brenda 18 Dec 2016
This looks really awesome.
Shade 24 Dec 2016
Infinite scrolling