24 Dec 2016 Edited #1

Infinite scrolling

Before "hibernating" myself into a full month of studying I have managed to finish the early development of Endless, a new plugin requested by @Tac (Infinite Scrolling) which brings infinite scrolling to MyBB's forums and threads. For more informations, read Endless preview.

The plugin has been activated here on MyBBoost: test it by browsing long threads such as Flyover 2.3 and MyFacebook Connect 3.5, and forums of course.

The implementation resembles Flarum's one, the skeleton is built upon their code with specific adjustments for MyBB. There are still some issues which I need to sort out but it looks very promising. I'm still uncertain if it will be a premium plugin or a free one.

I take this opportunity to wish you merry Christmas and happy holidays.
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Entity 24 Dec 2016
This is absolutely amazing. You never fail to amaze with your plugins, excellent job man.
Shade 24 Dec 2016 Edited
Thank you @Entity! :) Much appreciated!
Sharree 16 Jan 2017
I'm very much excited for this. Whether premium or free this will be a great addition to MyBB forums.
Shade 22 Jan 2017
Thank you @"Clark Richard". Still not perfect, but definitely great to see that it works fine.
Sharree 2 Mar 2017
What's good about regular pagination is being able to quickly jump through the pages, with infinite scroll I'd have to keep scrolling to get to the last reply. Infinite scrolling looks a lot better than regular pagination but I think its functionality will get tedious, that's unless you've made a work around for this.

Would love to know, thanks Shade.
Tac 2 Mar 2017
^ If Shade continues the route of Flarum, we will have something much nicer than regular pagination. Here is the work around (innovation imo) they used https://u.nya.is/gnkgms.mp4
Shade 9 Mar 2017
Yes, that's the plan.
Shade 18 Mar 2017 Edited

The scrubber: a Flarum piece of art

After some troubleshooting and reverse engineering, I could write down the early version of the scrubber by adapting Flarum's implementation to a MyBB friendly one. The result is an exact copy of Flarum's infinite scrolling concept; it will be changed in the future, but it brilliantly serves as a proof-of-concept for the moment.

A "scrubber" is a draggable item which lets you jump between posts easily while providing an infinite scrolling experience. Test it by browsing any thread.
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Brenda 19 Mar 2017
Omg this looks awesome. I hope you can share this at some point. Nice work.