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How to set price to attachment in BankPipe

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How to set price to attachment in BankPipe
Shade 18 Jan
Hello, in order to set a price, make sure:
1) BankPipe is enabled in the forum you want to monetize attachments in;
2) you have set a PayPal email in your User Control Panel > Payments and subscriptions > My items.
Pramo 19 Jan Edited
Did all above but not able to set price I have shared admin ligin details with you

Did i need to set any shortcode to attachment?
Shade 19 Jan
Sorry for the delay, yes indeed, I think you are the first trying third party monetization as I forgot to mention in the thread that you do have to add the following piece of code in your post_attachments_attachment template:

Anyway, make sure you have a payee in your User control panel as well. The default one in the Admin control panel is not enough for attachments, as they are bound to each and unique user. If you want every mod and admin to use a single PayPal account, the only option at the moment is to tell them to use yours. In the future I might introduce an option to force a payee even for third party monetized attachments.
Shade 19 Jan
Note that thanks to the details you have provided privately I have already edited the template for you; I have also adjusted some settings (BankPipe's notification sender cannot be an email, but a user id – I've just deleted the email).
Pramo 19 Jan
Thanks Shade for update . Now plugin is working very well

This is very good plugin :)
Pramo 22 Jan Edited
Hello Shade

Need one more help
How i can show attachment like your attachment https://imgur.com/IknS7lj
I want to Style attachments as as your one
can you please share postbit_attachments_attachment and its appropriate ccs

My current postbit_attachments_attachment template as below

<br />{$attachment['icon']}&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="attachment.php?aid={$attachment['aid']}" target="_blank" title="{$attachdate}">{$attachment['filename']}</a> ({$lang->postbit_attachment_size} {$attachment['filesize']} / {$lang->postbit_attachment_downloads} {$attachment['downloads']})
Shade 22 Jan
Sorry, but the styling you see on MyBBoost is uniquely tailored to its theme and its framework (UIkit), so it would be impossible for you to replicate the styling without including UIkit. That's almost 300kb of CSSes and JSes packed together, something you don't want to add just for this little thing. Your best bet is try to replicate on your own with custom CSS rules. I don't provide support for styling anyway as it's not related to BankPipe's functionalities.
Pramo 22 Jan
Thanks Shade for update