2 Nov 2019 Edited #1

How to move the Payment & Sub tab down on User CP

Ultimate subscriber
I have another minor request...how can I move the Payment and Subscription tab and links down lower on the User CP nav menu? I would like Messenger (or Inbox) to be right under HOME.
Shade 2 Nov 2019
inc/plugins/bankpipe.php, find:

Replace with:

That "11" is priority. MyBB already works with this model and adds 3 different hooks to display messenger (10), profile (20) and misc (30) in this specific order. If you want to move it in between profile and misc, you would need a value between 21 and 29 for example.

Note that the upcoming beta will get rid of the "Subscriptions" item in the UCP moving it towards a standalone page.
RocketFoot 3 Nov 2019
Nice...thanks! Looking forward to the next release!!