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How to install

This is the official documentation with all the info you need to install, configure and use MyFacebook Connect correctly.

Minimum requirements

PHP 5.4
MyBB 1.8.0. MyBB 1.6 is supported as long as you add the global_intermediate hook to your global.php file. However, I no longer give support to users with MyBB 1.6
cURL with https protocol support
mbstring extension
Port 443 opened on your server's behalf

Port check

MyFacebook Connect is equipped with a port check. You do need port 443 to be open in order for this plugin to work: a notice will be fired if the connection test returns false. You can still install the plugin by clicking on the dedicated install button which appears in the notice, but if you encounter odd problems like expired tokens which don't let you use the plugin, you might relate to this note. Open your server's 443 port, or ask your host to open it for you.

1. Set up the Facebook Application

First of all you need to create a Facebook application with some basic configuration options.

1. Create the app

Open this link and click on the Add a new app button.

[Image: VYXVY42.png]

You will be asked to fill in a name for your application and a contact email, after which you will be presented a security check.

[Image: u9a5vEj.png]

2. Activate the Login with Facebook platform

You will be asked to activate a product. Select Facebook login > Set up.

[Image: 8mfknhz.png]

Select Web in the upcoming page.

[Image: vBPPpJB.png]

Fill the Site URL with your board's URL without the final index.php. A final trailing slash can be added but it is not necessary. Press Save > Continue.

[Image: Y4bjoZA.png]

Click on Skip or Continue in the next 4 steps. They are instructions to set up a Javascript-based application which is not used by MyFacebook Connect.

3. Adjust settings

Proceed by clicking Facebook login in the menu on your left and add in Valid OAuth Redirect URIs field your fully qualified website's URL. For example, MyBBoost's website url is https://www.mybboost.com.

[Image: ylEG5Vl.png]

Following a recent Facebook update you must add 5 redirect URIs for MyFacebook Connect:
  • YOURBOARDURL/myfbconnect.php?action=login
  • YOURBOARDURL/myfbconnect.php?action=do_login
  • YOURBOARDURL/myfbconnect.php?action=register
  • YOURBOARDURL/usercp.php?action=myfbconnect_link
  • YOURBOARDURL/usercp.php?action=do_myfbconnect_link

Replace YOURBOARDURL with your fully qualified board URI. MyFacebook Connect uses "Board URL" setting to build URIs, so ensure you are using the one you have entered in your board's preferences. Beware: the protocol MUST match the one you are using. http://www.mybboost.com and https://www.mybboost.com ARE DIFFERENT URIs.

4. Enable the Application

Last but not least, open the App Review panel from the left menu.

[Image: 7pnTrV0.png]

Enable the application by switching the Yes/No button at the top ("Make [YOURAPP] public?" YES!). Facebook will ask you to select a category for your business, select one you feel is more appropriate and Confirm.

[Image: M1kdT0g.png]

Extra. Submit items for approval

Facebook requires some permissions to be submitted for approval. This means that, although you may still be able to use MyFacebook Connect at full potential, you might need to be reviewed by Facebook before using certain data points (bio, birthday, location and website). I won't talk about this in details, since the procedure is guided by Facebook's website, but I feel an overview is mandatory.

While staying in App Review page, click on Start a submission.

[Image: 2JqzImD.png]

Here's the 4 permissions you've got to select:

[Image: s6PBI5K.gif]

In the end, you should see this screenview:

[Image: E9Mk93F.png]

You must complete your application with an image 1024x1024 in size and a Privacy policy URL. When you have everything they request, you can start submitting your app for review by writing down detailed instructions to log in into your board with Facebook and how do you plan to use those data you are requesting the review for. I would recommend specifying that you will use the data to enrich the user's experience by completing their forum profiles; Facebook should approve them most of the times.

2. Upload files

Download MyTwitter Connect and upload all the files you find in the package to your MyBB root, which is likely where you have put all the MyBB files (easier to say, the folder where the file global.php is in). All of them are required for MyTwitter Connect to work flawlessly, so ensure you retain the same file and folder structure.

3. Install the plugin

Open your Admin Control Panel and, within the Plugins section, Install & Activate MyFacebook Connect. An attempt to edit header_welcomeblock_guest template will be made in order to add the login button. Modified themes may not be modified by the search and replace routines. In this case, read How to configure to know how to manually add the login button.

4. Configure the plugin

As you may now notice, if you try to login clicking the button in your Forum's header the plugin will return an error. This is because you need to add Facebook tokens to MyFacebook Connect's settings. They are both long alphanumeric strings which are required for the plugin to exchange data between your board and your Facebook application.

Open Facebook Developers and copy your application ID and Secret. Paste them into MyFacebook Connect settings.

You're done. Now you can use MyFacebook Connect to login and register through Facebook!

You can now continue reading How to configure to enrich your experience with MyFacebook Connect.
Shade 30 Jan 2019
cURL error 7 means your server cannot connect to Facebook. This is probably due to a firewall or restrictions on your server's end. There's nothing you can do rather than talking to them and solving the issues on their side. Specify you are trying to get a Facebook login app to work; they usually know the requirements needed (SSL, firewall whitelisting, etc.).
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GhanShyam Parmar 31 Jan 2019
Thanks it's curl issue

Twitter login working?
I want to install
Shade 31 Jan 2019
Yes, all available plugins are working as long as you meet the requirements and you follow the instructions provided.