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How To Fix Account Upgrade Subscriptions Descriptions For BankPipe?

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First, I do NOT know anything about coding/programming.

Ok, I have 3 PAID Account Upgrade options for my website.

It is as shown here:

DIAMOND LEVEL = $10.00 – Forever
RUBY LEVEL = $15.00 – Forever
PLATINUM LEVEL = $20.00 – Forever

However, I am having difficulty getting the description and the blank lines to be added into the description of the subscription. YES, I did click on the SAVE button.
How do I fix these issues?

View the screenshots...

1st Screenshot


2nd Screenshot

Shade 23 Mar 2019 Edited
Blank lines in HTML are defined as:

<br />
It is indeed quite odd that you can’t see the updated description. I’ll check the code logic for obvious mistakes.
Shade 23 Mar 2019 Edited
Indeed, there's an issue with updating items. This will be fixed in the upcoming beta 7. Thank you for reporting!

I shall remember you that being a beta software, bugs are likely; thus the plugin should be first tested prior its deployment to production sites. Beta 6 is also more prone to bugs due to its extensive rewrite.
Serpius 23 Mar 2019
Don't worry, I do understand it is BETA.

What worried me was the fact that I thought I had done something wrong and it was driving me crazy!