13 Apr Edited #1

How to add upgrade page

Ultimate subscriber
how to add upgrade-page ? or is there some templates I should use for this? I can't see bankpie in action because upgrade section comes first
Shade 13 Apr
The subscriptions page is located at YOURBOARDURL/bankpipe.php. Its templates are bankpipe_subscriptions*.
ptrck07 13 Apr
Am using Mybb i checked alot options there, can i Get the basic a guide on this?
Shade 13 Apr
What do you want to know? BankPipe is an advanced plugin with plenty of features, you must be more specific.
ptrck07 13 Apr
I want to know how to get an "Upgrade page" set up.
Shade 13 Apr
Create a subscription in BankPipe's module. It will be then available to purchase in YOURBOARDURL/bankpipe.php. That's it.

You can customize your upgrade page by editing bankpipe_subscriptions* templates.