10 Feb #1

have a problem installing

Regular user
I have a problem installing ThunderBoard. What is the solution?
Shade 10 Feb
You are missing PluginLibrary, which is a requirement for ThunderBoard. Download it from here and upload it to your plugins folder, there's no need to install it.
After installation got this thing
Shade 10 Feb
What have you done exactly? That looks quite weird. PluginLibrary does not need to be installed.
LIONHAERT 10 Feb Edited
Only ThunderBoard has been installed
Shade 10 Feb
Which page is that?
You have been sent a personal message in your location data
Shade 10 Feb
There is a major issue with the CSS minifying engine. Either you disable it from ThunderBoard's settings, or you wait for an update, since I don't have enough time to help you further at the moment.

PS: ThunderBoard is supposed to be tried on a test board before deploying it live.