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20 Oct 2019 Edited

Poll: How would you rate your experience with MyBBoost and its products?

Excellent 66.67% 12 66.67%
Very good 33.33% 6 33.33%
Neither good or bad 0% 0 0%
Bad 0% 0 0%
Obnoxious 0% 0 0%
Total 18 vote(s) 100%
MyBBoost has evolved through the years from a small "testing safehouse" to a fully packed and autonomous plugins store with hundreds of happy customers. I have always tried my best to ensure everyone gets their fair share of quality support. Now I would like to hear more from you in an effort to constantly innovate and raise the bar even higher.

Other than the vote on the poll above, which I kindly recommend to motivate with a small review, I would love to hear comments about the site in general, the services offered, etc. Whether it's a positive review or a constructive criticism, I will take everything that comes out of your mouths and will try to improve your experience.

Reviews for purchased and tested products are also well appreciated. Thank you!
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Serpius 20 Oct 2019
The plugins are well made. Not too many issues with the plugins at this time.

The only major thing that I would highly desire to see is a theme that can handle the different multimedia formats for embedding purposes.

This is not a knock on Shade, but I have yet to see any theme author come up with a theme that can handle social media formats and enable those to be embedded without parsing issues.

Can a new theme and a plug-in accomplish this?

I don’t know the answer, but I do know that using a plugin like XThreads is not the best option for an Admin who is not good with coding/programming. (Like me)

There has to be a better “user friendly” plugin that can enable similar functions that XThreads can.

Social media is eroding the popularity of MyBB forum software and one way to stop the erosion is to have either the MyBB core code to accept multiple media formats or create a theme that do this with the existing MyBB forum software.

I realize that I may be asking for “the moon” on this, but we must look into the future of MyBB and see what can be done now.
Shade 20 Oct 2019
AFAIK, MyBB already supports social media embeds. Not sure what you're referring to. Anyway, thanks for the kind words.
Serpius 20 Oct 2019
This is what I am talking about. View this thread →
Shade 20 Oct 2019
That's most probably an issue of your theme. The stock MyBB version works fine with YT. Not related to MyBBoost though, sorry I can't help further.
Sharree 2 Nov 2019
You're doing great Shade. I feel like forums are becoming a dated experience but your plugins help modernize my website. I really appreciate your support and quick response time.
RocketFoot 2 Nov 2019
I said it in another post...Shade's work is great! I am happy to see some modern plugins for MyBB as well as a coder that is pleasant and happy to help (and teach)