Full fledged Invitation-System

4 Sep
i would like to create a MyBB forum that has an invitation system that works like this:
Administrators can drop invites to certain usergroups if they meet specific requirements and drop them to users individually aswell, an invite code is around 24 characters long and randomized and is also required to register.
normal users are also able to manage their available invitation codes with a copy-to-clipboard button or something of the sort.

as you probably know,this method of registeration is mainly used in big private video-game cheats.
well i work on some with friends and i use your MyBB plugins as the main driver for forum enhancement

if you could make such plugin become a thing, i would be more than thankful.

PS: i understand that you currently have alot of workload IRL but this is just an idea for future times where you're able to work on plugins.

Thank you for reading