Fatal Error

25 Jul
This issue is marked as solved
Getting this error when I try to open up my plugins now:

Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /home2/altino/public_html/inc/plugins/flyover.php on line 350

Did my plugins get eaten?
Shade 25 Jul Edited
No, your plugins are fine, but you probably are using PHP 5.4 or older. Flyover requires PHP 7.1+. Update your PHP version to solve.
Altino#4453 25 Jul
Alright, that got rid of the error, but it also got rid of all my plugins. They're still in my plugin folder, but the page is pulling up empty now. If I remove the Flyover plugin they all come back, but Flyover is breaking it.
Shade 25 Jul
Which PHP version do you run now? There should be an error.log file generated in the admin folder, please attach it here.
Shade 25 Jul
After a brief talk with @"Altino#4453", it turned out not to be a Flyover issue.