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Failed installation of MyTwitterConnect v3.0

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I am trying to install MyTwitterConnect Plugin in promo2day forum: https://www.promo2day.com/

After I complete all steps I have an error on installation:

"A connection test has been made, and your server's 443 port seems to be closed. Twitter needs port 443 open to communicate and authenticate users. This test might fail under certain circumstances: you can still install the plugin and give it a try by clicking here, but keep in mind that the connection test has returned an invalid response. If:

you are running on a dedicated or premium hosting, you most probably have access to a port manager or something similar. You can easily open 443 port on TCP protocol by accessing the manager.
you are running on a shared hosting, or you don't have access to a port manager, you must contact your host and ask for port 443 to be opened for you. This is the only way to let your users login and register with Twitter.
The installation has been aborted for security reasons."

I sent to one.com support team about port 443 and they replied that it is already open in all domains

Can you please help?
Shade 30 Dec 2018
Just click on "here" where it says so ("you can still install the plugin and give it a try by clicking here") – it's a link which bypasses the connection test. As you can easily read from the error you received, the connection test may fail under certain circumstances, thus why you can try to install it anyway.
tarekma7 30 Dec 2018
Thanks a lot, it is installed and working now

I just have a strange problem, when i try to register using mytwitter, there is an error which doesn't appear if registration is done with the register button

Here is the error:[many error with same look]


The error is only in the index page
Shade 31 Dec 2018
Glad you succeeded. That error is unrelated to MTC, looks like an issue with ProStats (a plugin I haven’t developed and for which I don’t provide support). Looks like an incompatibility with the latest PHP versions (7+). Contact its author to solve.
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