Facebook Registration error

6 Sep 2019
This issue is marked as solved
First time users were not able to register using Facebook while Existing users don't have a problem and can easily log-in to their account.

Flyover returns a blank page to First time users and they are not successfully registered.
Shade 6 Sep 2019
Do you have 2.1? Do you have fast registration option enabled?
ianChrist007 6 Sep 2019
I'm using 2.0
settings in attached image
Shade 6 Sep 2019
Please upgrade to 2.1 to solve. A temporary solution would be disabling one-click registration, but 2.1 is recommended as it solves a medium-risk vulnerability which affects 2.0 and prior versions.
ianChrist007 7 Sep 2019
it seems upgrading to 2.1 solved the issue. Thanks!