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Facebook profile link/url

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Is it possible to get the user his Facebook id/profile link from the data that is returned or should I specify another scope parameter?

At the moment the ID that is being returned is a random one I think

(https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=YOUR_ID_HERE or https://www.facebook.com/YOUR_FB_URL_NAME_HERE)
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Enes Palit 7 Jan Edited
The Facebook url returned by the plugin is still not a valid Facebook link to profile url.
1) Go to https://findmyfbid.in/ and fill in your Facebook url: go to Facebook.com, click your own profile and get the full text from your browser address bar.
2) Paste that on the form at the site in step 1.
3) Click find Facebook ID.
4) Now you'll see your unique Facebook ID which IS NOT the same as your Identifier that the plugin pulls.

Won't work ❌:

Will work ✅:

This can help:
Shade 7 Jan
The identifier didn’t change from v2.1 to v2.2, but a new data point is available and it returns the profile url straight away. If it doesn’t for Facebook, it’s likely you’ll have to add extra scopes to its settings. I am not home so I cannot tell at the moment, but I will investigate.
Shade 7 Jan Edited
Apparently, Facebook limits profile URLs in API calls. You will have to:
KEYCAP 1 add user_link to the "Scopes" setting in Flyover Facebook panel. You will need to also add the default ones, so it should be: email, public_profile, user_link;
KEYCAP 2 submit user_link for App review on Facebook Developers website. You must comply with the rules mentioned in the screenshot below, otherwise it's likely they will reject your submission.

[Image: jeOGScC.png]