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Error message and after install dont appear

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I've 2 issues with Flyover.
The first error appear when i configure facebook app id, after submit appears the error it's uploaded in "error1.png"
The second, i need to insert manually the Flyover in template to work ?
I use the default template.

PHP Version 7.2.14
Mybb Version 1.8.19

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Shade 23 Jan 2019 Edited
Hi, you do need to add <flyover_login_box> in your templates - that will be filled with login buttons. I’d suggest you to add it in header_welcomeblock_guest. Alternatively, just read the instructions as they come (there are shown in your screenshot as well).

As for the error, it’s a warning and it’s harmless. The upcoming version 2.0 has that fixed anyway, but you can ignore it (won’t be shown to your users anyway).
SrMorte 23 Jan 2019
Have read the instructions in the worng way. Resolved the problem.

Now have another and i hope it's the last one.
To me appears this error "Can't Load URL: The domain of this URL isn't included in the app's domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings."
And yes i have the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs with this "https://wearegbb.com/flyover.php?auth=true&hauth_done=Facebook"

But to a friend appears the error show in "Error2.png".
Shade 23 Jan 2019 Edited
You have to add your board URL to the App Domains field in your Facebook application, as the error says.
SrMorte 23 Jan 2019 Edited
I've put some of them, but dont work...
Image attached.
My site it isnt in HTTPS, maybe the problem is that ?

Regards and thanks
Shade 23 Jan 2019
That's the redirect URI field, while you have to add your site to the app domains one. You can find it under Settings > Basic > App domains.
Shade 23 Jan 2019
Behold – if your site is not secured through SSL ("https"), it's likely you will not be able to log in through Facebook. Even one single misplaced letter in the redirect URI invalidates communications between your board and Facebook's servers, so you better secure your site by adding SSL.
SrMorte 24 Jan 2019
Well an advance as been made, SLL added, configs made in forum and change app domains in Facebook.
Now appears this error to me.
Shade 24 Jan 2019
Go to your ACP > Flyover > Bug reports and post the report generated here.
SrMorte 24 Jan 2019

Well now working very nice the login and registration.