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Error in Flyover when One-click registration is set to No

Hovatek Advanced 13 May 2018 Edited
I'm getting this error when One-click registration is set to No

You landed on this page without specifying a provider ID. This means you are probably using this feature unconventionally. Please do not attempt to use Flyover features out of their context.

When set to Yes, registration goes fine but email address in database is blank
website: https://forum.hovatek.com

HInt: At the last step when your Username and Email address appears and you're supposed to click Save, the url in the address bar is


when you click the save button, you then get redirected to


where the error message then comes up

After some digging, I've been able to narrow down the error to the flyover_register template.
The form is like <form action="flyover.php?action=register&provider={$flyover->provider}" method="post">
{$flyover->provider} is returning empty
What could be causing this and how do I fix it?
Hovatek Advanced 13 May 2018
I've had to apply a javascript patch to grab the url from address bar then replace the html's action attribute.
Hoping for a permanent fix
Shade Administrator 13 May 2018
Replace {$flyover->provider} with {$Flyover->provider} (with the capital letter "F"). Flyover < 1.2 used lowercase letters, while from 1.3 letters were capitalized. This has been already reported here: Missing provider in registration URL.

I will include a red warning in the upgrading notes in the release thread.
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