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Error After Installation of myfacebook connect

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I have installed myfacebook connect om Promo2day forum: https://www.promo2day.com/

The reviewer of the facebook team cannot access the forum and sent me this error for fix:

[Image: wlxAWl6.png]

Shade 16 Apr
Your regip field in mybb_users does not accept the Facebook guy's IP as it's too long. MyBB's standard regip field length is varbinary(16), which should handle IPv6. To my knowledge, there shouldn't be IPs longer than IPv6, so you'd want to check your regip field length in your db; eventually, you can raise it temporarily so the Facebook guy can register.

Note that this is not a MyFacebook Connect issue, as he would fail to register even with the standard registration form.
tarekma7 16 Apr
It is not related to

longregip" => my_ip2long

some users show long IP address similar to this one : 2a01212:2

is the error related to this?

And can I increase length of the regip in phpmyadmin? it is currently 16? make it 20 for example?

Will this cause any issues?
Shade 16 Apr Edited
Ah well, good spot. my_ip2long() has been deprecated in a recent version of MyBB. Get rid of it to solve.
tarekma7 16 Apr Edited
How can I do this please?

I found it in: class_facebook.php

Do i just delete the row? or it is present in many locations?
Shade 16 Apr
I've just pushed some updates on GitHub, download and replace your version with the new one.
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